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Andrew Marcus and Michael Manning offer individuals and businesses attorney services throughout Florida. The two specialize in insurance, health care, regulatory, government/administrative, criminal, and family law.


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Mid-May Crim Law Update

Marcus & Manning, P.A.

The Florida Legislature has been a little busy as of late with passing of 234 bills. Only a handful have been signed into law so far by Governor Rick Scott. More is expected to be signed later. For now, this is Marcus and Manning's mid-month update on the few bills that have been passed regarding crim law: 

  • Police with body cameras can view their footage before making their police report. 

  • Death Penalty is back again in Florida now requiring a jury to vote unanimously for death. 

  • First time DUI offenders will not be required by law to have an ignition lock on their car. 

Not limited to just law passed by the legislature, there has been some criminal case law updates as well. Here are some of the highlights: 

  • More death penalty cases coming back for a new penalty phase requiring unanimous vote for death (know someone in Florida who has received a death sentence? Call us now) 

  • "All individuals subject to Baker Act hearings, have a right to have a judicial officer physically present at their Baker Act commitment hearing, subject only to their consent to the contrary." Doe v. State, May 11, 2017, SC16-1852   

  • Juror can be struck for cause if they believe an officer is more credible than another witness just because of his/her occupation. Rodriguez v. State, May 10, 2017, 2D15-2961  

Think any of these changes will affect the rights of you or a loved one? Call us today.